Background / First Post

Thanks for visiting and poking around to read :)

Why a Website?

Aside from the obvious career-related benefits of having a home on the internet.

  1. I specifically did not want to use prebuilt websites, and instead learn how to use static builder (like Hugo).

  2. I’ve started to take a more proactive approach to taking notes when I read, listen, or am at work. My goal is to, over time, put these into blog posts here to force me to synthesize and think deeply about information I consume.

My Path To Get Here

  1. Think about using Squarespace or something similar, decide I want hard mode to learn.
  2. Find Hugo by googling “basic website builder”
  3. Go through a ton of pain to setup S3, Route 53, Cloudfront, and SSL for my DJ group’s website
  4. Realize GitHub Pages is MUCH easier, and set this website up with it.
  5. Start with the PaperMod theme, then swich to this LoveIt theme.